Support to establish aware and organized society based on social justice.


To improve the quality/better life of children ,adolescent & women ,increase their significant participation at local level, improve the status of good governance adopting the value of transparency and Accountability, minimize the effect of climate change and natural disaster, make aware and put together to the local young and adolescent people for their skill development and strengthen their capacity.


  1. Put together to the children & adolescents for building up their better life in order to make them active to minimize the social evils, reproductive health, early marriage, sexual abuse and so on.
  2. Increase the accessibility of women & marginalized people in all sectors of the society and make them self employed through empowerment and awareness.
  3. Construct the society with good governance and make aware to the local people about the goods and services are providing by local government and other civil society organization exist in society.
  4. Support to minimize the effect and impact of climate change and natural disaster on people life by preserving the environment.