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SOCIAL AWARENESS CENTER (SAC) NEPAL, a non-profit making and social service oriented organization. It has been launching its programs in coordination and collaboration with different levels governments; NGO’s and INGO’s and other key stakeholder focusing both rural and urban people who have lower socio-economic status. While going ahead SAC has been playing important roles and responsibilities and possibilities for the people of this region. In the present context of Nepal, all the activities of the organization are focused on democratic exercise and organizational development of human right in participation of civil society .The organization is conducting the activities of community development in the participation of local people. In the changing context SAC has been mobilizing the internal and external resources, searching the opportunities and conducting collaborative activities/programs. We have already implemented different projects in different districts of Nepal. We have experience to work in different 14 district of Nepal more focused on Karnali Province.

Causes we support

An organization working with marginalized women, children and

Core Theme

Cross-cutting theme

Climate Change, Disaster Management, Humanitarian Support
Organization Development
Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI)


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