"It is better to light a lamp rather than blaming to the darkness."

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To support & protect

Welcome To

SAC Nepal

A non-profit making and social service oriented organization. It has been launching its programs in coordination and collaboration with different levels governments; NGO’s and INGO’s and other key stakeholder focusing both rural and urban people who have lower socio-economic status.

While going ahead SAC has been playing important roles and responsibilities and possibilities for the people of this region.

Total reach FY 2022/2023

Establishing the SAC Nepal

To support and protect women, children & adolescents.

Our commitment to making a positive impact drives us to continually improve and adapt our efforts.

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A Capable and prosperous society for quality life of women, children and adolescents.

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SAC Nepal committed to ensure social, economic and political rights of women, children and adolescents.

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Strategy Goals 2021-2025

1. 30 Wards will have declared total sanitation.

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Thematic Area

Health, Education, Protection, Livelihood

Target Group

Give hope for a better tomorrow

  • All
  • Women
  • Children
  • Adolesecents

Geographical Coverage

Network with stakeholder

What people say about our work

Witness the impact of our work and inspiration with the hertfelt words from our network.

Affiliation & Engagement with
Civil Society Network

Total reach FY 2022/2023

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