Social Awareness Center (SAC) Nepal

An organization working with marginalized women, children and


After the restoration of democracy, people get the right to establish different NGOs, to be united with each other and to express their feelings .As a result, Social Awareness Center (SAC) was established in order to enhance the community development and to solve the local issues and bring out the positive change for the upliftment of the back warded communities from the pitiable conditions and for the reduction of the prevalent problems through the organized way as well. It got its birth by the effort of group of dedicated, committed, well aware and enthusiastic youths in 1995 August.

SOCIAL AWARENESS CENTER (SAC) NEPAL, a non-profit making and social service oriented organization. It has been launching its programs in coordination and collaboration with different levels governments; NGO’s and INGO’s and other key stakeholder focusing both rural and urban people who have lower socio-economic status. While going ahead SAC has been playing important roles and responsibilities and possibilities for the people of this region. In the present context of Nepal, all the activities of the organization are focused on democratic exercise and organizational development of human right in participation of civil society .The organization is conducting the activities of community development in the participation of local people. In the changing context SAC has been mobilizing the internal and external resources, searching the opportunities and conducting collaborative activities/programs. We have already implemented different projects in different districts of Nepal. We have experience to work in different 14 district of Nepal more focused on Karnali Province.

Address Municipality:Birendranagar Ward No.:12 

District: Surkhet 

Province : Karnali 

Country: Nepal

Contact Phone 977 083 521282 

Fax 977 083 521282 

Email [email protected]

Head of Organization Chairperson Meena Kumari Tiwari (Sharma) 

Address Birendranagar 7, Surkhet 

Phone 977 083 414060 (Residence) 

Mobile: 9848038703 

Email : [email protected]

Contact Person Executive Director Tikaram Acharya

Address Birendranagar 12, Surkhet 

Phone 977 083 521692 (Residence) 

Mobile: 9858051546 

Email: [email protected];[email protected]

Organization Information Date of Establishment 1995 

Registered in District Administration Office, Surkhet Registered No. 56 

Date August 14, 1995 

Last Renewal Date: October 18, 2021 

Affiliation: Affiliated in 3188 number in Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu Date September 5, 1995 

Date of last renewal October 12, 2020 

Date of Last election August 14, 2019 (3 years turn) 

Last audit report August 2021 

PAN registered date and number March 9, 2004 (301576916) 

Last date of Tax Execution Certificate October 5, 2021 

Last date of tax Clearance Certificate September 28, 2021