"It is better to light a candle rather than to blame the darkness."

Partner Organization

National Campaign for Education (NCE), Nepal

National Campaign for Education (NCE), Nepal:

NCE was established as Nepal chapter of Global Campaign for Education (GCE), where it has been engaged in the education campaigning through research, capacity enhancement initiatives, community mobilization and networking. The organization is working for the campaign “Free, Quality Public Education is Possible”. SAC Nepal had played the significant role being the treasure of the national committee whereas SAC is the member of the NCE in the national and provincial level committee this year.

Children as Zone of Peace (CZOP), Nepal:

CZOP is the national campaign formed in a coalition of organizations working in the field of child rights (Children and Schools as Zones of Peace) including CSOs, INGOs. SAC Nepal is the active member of the national campaign from 2016 Advocating on the rights of children in Karnali province. 


Consortium Nepal:

SAC is the active member of Consortium Nepal from 2015 conducting lobby and advocacy for the rights of children especially child participation. It is a civil society network working in the area of child participation since 1999. It has been adopting different strategies to meet its ultimate goal in promoting child participation from family to state level in Nepal. 

Collective Campaign for Child Rights (CCR), Karnali:

CCR Karnali is the organization formed and established for advocating in the issues of child rights in Karnali. The NGOS working for children in Karnali are the members of this organization. SAC had played the role of founder chairperson from the establishment till the registration. Now, SAC is playing the role of chairperson of CCR leading the overall organizing to conduct lobby and advocacy in the issues of child rights in Karnali Province. 


Beyond Beijing Committee Nepal (BBC) is a human rights feminist National Network organization. It has been advocating and working continuously on the Beijing Platform for Action aftermath of the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing since 1995. BBC aims to work towards the civil, political, economic and social empowerment of women and girls to achieve substantive gender equality, women’s human rights and sustainable development in Nepal. SAC Nepal is the active member of this committee. 


Adolescents and Animator’s Association for Social Action (AASA):

The network was formed with the objectives for youth empowerment including youth-based campaigns for social transformation. The network is conducting regular advocacy on the issues of youths and developing youths-friendly plan and policies in Surkhet district and local levels. The network is also strengthening the capacity of ward level and local levels youth clubs/networks through volunteer mobilization where SAC is playing the active role as an advisor of the network from its establishment in 2072 BS.



Aflatoun International:

Aflatoun International is an NGO based in the Netherlands offering social and financial education to children and young people worldwide. It creates high-quality curricula, for different age groups, which can be contextualized to local needs or specific circumstances. Through a strong network of 345 partners and 38 governments, the organization reaches 10.5 million children and young people each year in 108 countries.  SAC is one of the active members of this international organization.


National Youth Council:

National Youth Council is supporting youths so that they can be self-motivated, independent, and self-decisive in their life. It has been working for national development mainly by discouraging youths’ tendency of migrating into foreign countries temporarily or permanently. SAC is playing a significant role as the member for conducting lobby and advocacy in the issue of youths. 

Campaign against Child Marriage Alliance (CACMA):

Campaign against Child Marriage Alliance  is a forum of  Civil Society organizations who are working on child marriage, child protection, GBV and human rights.  


It is a Karnali Provincial alliance of Civil society organization and like-minded government organization for  steeps together  for dignified mensuration management where SAC Nepal is the active member and contributing promoting dignified mensuration management .

DPNet Nepal:

Disaster Preparedness Network-Nepal (DPNet), established in 1996, stands as a key national umbrella organization dedicated to enhancing disaster management in Nepal through a unified approach involving national and international agencies.