·         Think globally, act locally.

·         After completion of developmental activities people will say:  'All the developmental changes are accomplished by us'.

·         If the people are poor start with something cheap.

·         If the people are illiterate start with something simple.



Establishment of justifiable peace and equitable society-A commitment of Social Awareness Center (SAC)

ü  Justifiable stand for the rights of respectful life and utilization of basic rights defined by the state and society

ü  Equitable stand for access to resource and means as well the situation that provides and equal opportunity to get services related to technology, economic, information and other service


Target Group:

Especially Women and Children with focus on Dalit, Janajati/indigenous Poor, Marginalized/back warded group, youths, Disables, HIV effected or affected, senior citizen and Single women.



To ensure the education, economic, health and social right of target group.



•         Improve the education, economic status, health and social life style.

•         Institutional development through good governance within the institution.



•         To create awareness to the illiterate community through informal and legal literacy education.

•         To raise awareness for ecological balance including programmers related to drinking water, forestation and sanitation, etc.

•         To conduct awareness training, workshop, and seminar related to health and family planning.

•         To run income generation and skillful training for the rural women and youths.

•         To conduct various integrated programmed for sustainable community development.

•         To work on environment conversation

•         To run different programmed against social mal-practices and superstitions

•         To conduct programme related to child right and youth mobilization

•         To conduct programme for women empowerment

•         To run various programme with the coordination of the government of Nepal in order to assist its education policies

•         To establish and run resource center and training center to reduce educational unemployment.

•         To conduct safe motherhood programme in order to address the big challenge in health service

•         To run services oriented programmes and camps to solve various problems related to health

•         To help in advocacy to establish child right through the networking by the children themselves

•         To conduct various programme for Dalit, indigenous people, ethnic group, orphan and displaced people

•         To run different programme to protect and promotion of human rights.



·                  Social Mobilization

·                  Co-ordination and Networking

·                  Partnership

·                  Social Inclusion

·                  Advocacy

·                  training and Capacity Building


Working Areas

Geographical Coverage

                Surkhet and Dailekh 


Proposed geographical area

Mid and Far western development region of Nepal.

Thematic area

Education, Health including WASH, Livelihood, Peace Promotion, Disaster management and Climate Change and Organizational Development