About Us


After the restoration of democracy, people get the right to establish different NGOs, to be united with each other and to express their feelings .As a result, Social Awareness Center (SAC) was established in order to enhance the community development and to solve the local issues and bring out the positive change for the upliftment of the back warded communities from the pitiable conditions and for the reduction of the prevalent problems through the organized way as well. It got its birth by the effort of group of dedicated, committed, well aware and enthusiastic youths in 1995 August.


 SOCIAL AWARENESS CENTER (SAC) NEPAL, a non-profit making and social service oriented organization. It has been launching its programs in coordination and collaboration with different GO's, NGO's and INGO's focusing rural people who have lower socio-economic status. SAC has been struggling for inclusive and equitable society". He, who wants to give light to other, has to burn himself" following this norm the board members, staffs and the volunteers has been working against the social illogicality/absurdities. While going ahead SAC has been playing important roles and responsibilities and possibilities for the people of this region. In the present context of Nepal, all the activities of the organization are focused on democratic exercise and organizational development of human right in participation of civil society .The organization is conducting the activities of community development in the participation of local people. In the changing context SAC has been mobilizing the internal and external resources, searching the opportunities and conducting collaborative activities /programs.


SAC has been implemented different project partnership with different development partner. SAC has experienced on education, health, micro finance, livelihood, income generation activities, agriculture, water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS, peace promotion, good governance, disaster management focus to the remote area and marginalized communities. We have support to establish cooperative for micro finance and income generation. There are 10 cooperative and out of them 8 cooperatives led by female. We have around 100 women group affiliated in our organization. There are around 2 thousand and 5 hundred member and more than 5 million NRS balance. They invest their balance within their group member for IG and other. We have provide vocational training, life skill training, skill enhance training, self employment training, business plan development training, support for entrepreneurship and provide seed money for established business. We have also support to marginalized community for uplift of their economic status. We provided live stock (goat, breeding buck and buffalo) support to landless community. We introduce plastic tunnel for off seasonal vegetable. We have support to community in infrastructure, like irrigation cannel, plastic pond, harvesting pond, collection center. Similarly we provide improved seed, fertilizer and technical training to target community.