98% Project Approve

98% Project  Approve


Matela VDC of  Surkhet District, 98% project  approved by VDC council which were recommendation by WCF for FY 2073/74

Matela   VDC Is the remote  VDC of the Surkhet District  .  They didn’t follow  any  System  for    local level planning Process.    They were not aware about the inclusive planning process  and the project budget too. Likewise, they did’t know how the project are passed. Local level people they didn’t select the project in their real needs and the VDC budget also didn’t address. Just they had  to follow the project  recommended by political leaders and the assesses able people  .They did n't  have the system of tole vella and Ward Vella . Just They did   IPFC orientation and the VDC Councils for only formality not real .They did  discussion till one week but they  didn’t get common understanding in  VDC councils  Political Parties divided budget on the basis of power.

Before 3 Months Sajhedari  Bikaas Supported to WCF And IPFC for local level inclusive planning process  and aware about LLPP act  ,guidelines In community time to time . After that they are success to follow the channel of the planning process  in their VDCs  Like wise first they did the Tole vella , ward vella . IPFC discussion and Project priorities till 5 days  Before VDC councils. In IPFC meeting, IPFC members used the method of project proriroting ,It helped to select 98% of the project recommendation to VDC council. VDC councils also indorse 98% of the project  recommended from IPFC.

If they follow the system like wise, It helps to established the inclusive planning process  in the community.